Automatic or Manual Driving Lessons

Automatic Manual Driving Lessons

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It is advisable to take manual driving lessons and test as you then have a choice to  driving either manual or automatic car.  If you pass your driving test with an automatic car you are only licence to drive an automatic  car.

It is a personal preference.  Some people like the control of driving a manual  car  and some prefer the less stress with automatic. You do have more control on open roads with  gears and you typically get better fuel mileage but an  automatic car is better in London’s busy , heavy stop-start traffic.

The main difference in operating a car with gears manually  vs  automatic transmission is that you need to keep changing gears based on the car’s changing speed eg: Higher  speeds, higher the gear, lower speeds require lower gears.

Constant  gear changing  requires the coordination of the clutch pedal and the gear stick. When the clutch pedal is depressed the clutch is disengaged from the engine and the power from the engine is separated, this is when you change gears or the car can be brought to a stop without stalling.

It’s not depressing the clutch pedal that takes practice. The releasing of the clutch that requires practice. Finding the biting point to ensure a smooth take off with out stalling or (kangaroo) jumping and smooth transition between gears once the vehicle is in motion. Learning to control the clutch pedal is one of the main points of driving a manual car. It will take time and patients some  Learners may become discouraged after a few unsuccessful trials but after a bit of practice it gets easier. Once you learned how to use  the clutch properly the gear changing become much easier.

Why choose  automatic driving lessons?

Easier and quicker to learn than a manual car.
Automatic driving lessons are getting increasingly popular.
Here are just a few reasons why!
Advantages of learning with an automatic car            

  • No stalling in automatic car or rolling back on hills.
  • No clutch and no gears  to coordinate.
  • More time to concentrate on controlling the car.
  • More time to develop judgment of speed and steering skills.
  • More time available to concentrate on reading the road ahead.
  • Get to test standard more quickly.
  • Better suited to the stop/start of town and city  driving.
  • Small price difference between automatic and manual  car driving lessons.
  • Most small cars now offer an automatic option.

Learn in a shorter time – More confidence – less distraction – less tiring – Be independent on the road quicker

Pupils have turned to automatic driving lessons to pass in the shortest  possible time or because they have had difficulties which has affected  their coordination in some way or have restricted movement because of some form  of disability.