Needed a last minute driving test, the driving school found me a practical driving within 3-4 days. Gave me a quick and very effective driving lessons before the test and passed first time in Ashford driving test centre. I am an international driver for many years. Highly reccommend thes guys for anyone. Great instructors. Top top notch experience.

The practice was really nice. I liked the car, got the instructor for a cancellation practical test, with his tips and advice. The test was really easy to pass after the expert help from the Driving Instructor and practicing for a while.


Very good driving school help me pass fast in a week’s intensive course of lessons in an automatic car at Pinner driving test centre. ash

Very happy with the service, passed my teat in Isleworth, my Instructor was good and helped me pass quickly Tony

Very happy with the service, passed my teat in Isleworth, my Instructor was good and helped me pass quickly

My brother passed with this driving school and recommended them, I just wanted to be driving so I took automatic driving lessons, so much quicker and passed my test in Isleworth.

I was learning to drive with my father and could drive, just needed to pass fast, found a cancellation test and took some lessons to brush up my driving and passed in Isleworth.

I need an emergency car hire for my driving test as my Instructor could not make it, after a few hours of instruction which really helped the Instructor corrected my weak areas and I passed in Mill Hill test centre.

My sister took lessons with this driving school and passed first time she recommened them and YES! I passed first time too.

I needed to pass fast as my boss wanted to promote me to a higher post which required me to drive to clients. Happy with the service of this driving school, a quick pass.

passed in Isleworth on first time with manual car, had a full motor bike licence, got a cancellation test and passed in two weeks.

I am an experienced driver in the States, Dubai and India, so I knew how to drive, just needed some guidance as to what was required for the UK driving Licence. This driving school is awesome they do the complete package. Booked me a cancellation practical driving test within a week and took a one day driving course, my driving instructor was highly experienced and got me to the DVSA test standard. I passed with only 2 Minor faults 🙂 Great Service for Expats